12 Months to a Healthier You Series: March-14 Ways to Get Fit Without Exercising

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12 Months to a Healthier You Series: March-14 Ways to Get Fit Without Exercising

12 Months to a Healthier You Series-March: Move Your Body!

Can you believe it’s already March!? It seems as if the minute I write one post for the month for the 12 Months to a Healthier You Series, it’s time to write the next one! Before you know it 2017 will have come and gone. Where will you be at the end of the year? Hopefully a lot healthier than before! If your goal is to lose weight I do not want you to still be at your same weight (or worse weigh more) come December. I do not want you to find yourself still struggling with the same old bad health habits. I do not want you to find yourself still feeling sluggish with no energy with no improvement. Instead I want to see every one of you the healthiest you’ve been in your life. I want you to feel happy, be healthy, full of energy, completing your goals, and living those dreams you’ve set out for yourself. These things are not impossible! You CAN be this person. But you must be willing to put in the work and make some changes. I promise you it will be worth it!

As part of your Healthier You transformation, March is about moving your body and getting active. So without further ado, for March the topic is about 14 ways to get 10,000 steps a day in without creating anymore exercise for yourself. Why 10,000? Well that seems to be the magic number for some reason. Feel free to alter your count depending on your level of fitness. The point is just to get your body moving! Since 10,000 steps a day of walking equals about 5 miles daily it’s understandable that many won’t achieve this goal. Despite how it sounds, achieving 10,000 steps a day doesn’t have to be as hard as it may seem.  Start small and work your way up by doing simple but effective activities throughout the day.

Now remember- the goal is to be a healthier you by the end of the year by putting into place the health goal set at the beginning of each month. If you remember, for January the theme was positivity. Before starting any new lifestyle or change I believe you have to change your mindset and be in the right frame of mind. That is what January was all about. The first month of the year should set the tone for the rest of the year. If you need a refresher on what January was all about you can check it out here.

February was all about meal prepping. You can find that here. So now that you have the right mindset, and have solutions for eating healthy with meal prepping, let’s talk about moving your body!

Here’s my list of activities that can help you achieve 10,000 steps without actually having to do extra exercise…


Look Look for the Parking Spaces Furthest Away

Who wants to stress out and waste gas riding round and round trying to find a good parking space anyway? As an extra bonus, the farther out you park, the more space you have for your vehicle.  Drivers are less likely to be around to bump your car leaving dents and scratches.


Take the Stairs

This one is a no brainer. Just don’t overdo it by trying to be superwoman/man.  There’s no need to prove anything by walking up 25 flights of stairs.  Work is a great place to take the stairs and turn it into a habit. Take the stairs when you arrive at work, during lunch, and when leaving for the day.  If your office allows it, use your breaks to take the stairs as well.


Dance like No One’s Watching

Dance around while you clean your place. It’s a lot more fun and makes cleaning not seem like such a chore. Have yourself a dance off right there in your living room.  No better time to put in that new CD you just brought and dance your heart away.


Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood

Have some landscaping fun and make your yard into the oasis you’ve always wanted. Make your neighbors jealous with all your beautiful work. They don’t have to know that secretly you’re really not into yard work.  For you, it’s just another way to get your workout in. Start that organic garden you’ve always wanted. Mow or rake the lawn.  Or better yet, have fun in the yard by jumping and rolling around in the leaves and raking them all over again.  Outdoor chores will help you gain lots of steps!


Do a Victory Lap

That’s right…After you finish that grocery shopping or shopping at the mall, walk around the store or aisle one more time to celebrate that you’ve made it out alive through the crowd. Take an extra lap.


Use Public Transportation

Do you use public transportation? Well let me be the first to give you kudos right there.  The convenience of a vehicle is more than a notion for some people. They wouldn’t dream of catching the bus or riding their bikes to their destination. Do you normally get off at the closest stop to where you’re going when you ride the bus?  Next time get off at a further location and walk the extra miles.


Go to a Different Bathroom

For those times when there’s no rush, why not explore the building at work for other bathrooms that aren’t near your office. Besides you never know when you might actually need to find another restroom for whatever reason.


Explore Your City

I bet there are tons of places you’ve yet to discover about the city you live in despite living there for years. Take a renewed interest in your city and walk around a new area or go window shopping. Who knows you might meet a new friend.


Bond with Your Fur Baby

AKA walk your dog! Your dog needs love (and exercise) too!  It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  By taking your dog out for a walk, not only do you get in your exercise but your dog does as well.  A win-win situation.


Get Up Close and Personal

Instead of relying on technology for your communication needs, go visit the person you want to talk to! Let’s bring back live interactions! This means getting up and visiting your co-worker down the hall to talk instead of emailing them. Go visit a friend instead of texting them.


Save Your Money

Why not wash your car instead of paying someone or going through the drive-thru. This is a great way to get exercise and all that tender loving care on your car will have it looking great in no time.


Get a Desk Treadmill

Yes, it’s real. I didn’t make that up. Some companies even provide them for free to their employees to encourage wellness and fitness. It may be challenging at first but in no time you’ll be a cardio king of queen.


Find your Inner Child Again

Who says Hide and Seek and Mother May I is for kids?! Relive your childhood by introducing those games to your kids. Go skating. Buy a hoola hoop. Buy a jump rope. Play Hopscotch!


Use Couch Potatoing (yep, made that word up) to Your Advantage

Do you record all your tv shows because you despise commercials? Yep, me too. But consider watching the show when it’s actually on or at least not fast forwarding through the commercials if you’ve recorded a show. Make a game out of it and every time a commercial comes on get up and do something. Start dinner, go fold some clothes, pick up stuff around the house, etc.


There you have it. Now use these suggestions to be more active. Make it fun by buying a fitbit and challenging your friends!

Now tell me some of the things you do to get your fitness activity in besides exercise.

In the meantime don’t forget to….




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