5 Sweet Ways to Eat More but Weigh Less {You Will LOVE This!}

Healthy Foods

Eat More but Weigh Less

This title closely resembles one of those annoying pop-up ads on your favorite Internet sites, claiming some incredible fitness solution “in just 30 days!”.

When it comes to weight management, most would assume that to lose (or maintain) a certain body weight, eating more is entirely counterproductive.

There is some truth to this assumption; any time you consume more calories than your body burns, the excess must be stored somewhere (remember those laws of conservation of energy from high school?).

However, there are actually a few gimmick-free ways that technically allow you to consume “more” food without gaining any weight.

Throughout the remainder of this article, we will describe five tricks that allow you to consume more food without gaining fat in the process. Quite literally, having your cake and eating it too!

Same Portion Size Does Not Mean Equal Calories

When it comes to different foods, the same serving size of two different items may not equate to the same amount of calories. As you are (hopefully) aware, a fist-sized portion of lean chicken has nowhere close to the caloric content of an equal amount of chocolate cake, nor is it the same as an equal amount of veggies.

What does this all mean? How can eat more food without suffering the consequences? Well, to do this, it is important to pick out foods that are relatively low in calories in relation to serving size. This allows you to technically eat more food while simultaneously keeping your calorie count to a minimum.

Experiment With Different Eating Windows

While this trick may seem like a technicality, eating all of your daily calories within a relatively short window is another way to feel like you are stuffing your face guilt-free. Though this is often called intermittent fasting, you are not required to follow any specific protocol.

This approach may be rather difficult at first. Over time, however, your body will most likely make a smooth adjustment. If you can maintain the willpower and self-control to avoid eating outside of whatever “window” you set for yourself, you can all but go crazy during feeding time, while still not maxing out your caloric budget. Keep in mind; however, you must eat healthy foods. Junk foods are counterproductive.

Don’t Spend Your Calories On Liquids

One of the quickest and easiest ways to go overboard on calories is by drinking sugary drinks such as soda and frozen beverages. Without even realizing it, you can easily consume half a day’s worth of recommended calories in only a few of these items! In your noble quest to eat more food without gaining weight, this obviously leaves you much less room to work with.

Instead of spending your daily calories on sugary drinks, try consuming water or another low-calorie alternative. By doing so, you are able to eat more food without going overboard on calories. You also fill up your stomach and don’t feel as hungry.

Whole Foods Versus Their Processed Alternatives

There are many reasons why whole foods are superior to the processed excuses for nutrition readily available all around us. The fact that they almost always contain fewer calories is one of them.

When food is consumed in its natural form, it is spared the refinement process, which usually involves the addition of high calorie sweeteners and preservatives.

Simply put, as far as calories go, you get more bang for your buck by eating whole foods. While stuffing your face with fresh produce may not be quite as enticing as a pint of ice cream, at least you eat more of it!

Lastly, You Guessed It, Exercise

This one is pretty simple and probably the first thing that comes to mind when posing the question of how to eat more food without gaining weight. Exercise causes the body to need more calories to burn as fuel.

This approach is quite the opposite of the other choices we have discussed in that instead of being mindful of your total caloric intake, you can actually decrease your bottom line.

To be fair, the amount of exercise required to burn a significant number of calories is pretty high. Eating till you are stuffed and trying to undo the situation on a treadmill is not very efficient. However, getting enough exercise on a consistent basis will allow you to eat more while reducing the amount of calories your body stores.