Buy The Best Quality Mattress For Less

Are you concerned that you are not getting a good night’s sleep? In addition to avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and staying away from screens before bed, think carefully about the mattress you are sleeping on. You might have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep at night because you do not have a high-quality mattress.

If you have begun the search for a new mattress, you understand just how frustrating this can be. It is difficult to find a quality mattress after laying on it for only a few minutes in a department store. Furthermore, when you look at the price tag, it is easy to be put off by this process.

Fortunately, there are ways to make this process just a bit easier. What are a few tips, tricks, and secrets that those who work in the industry do not want you to know? If you follow the tips below, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing the quality of your sleep.

Shop for Mattresses on the Holiday Weekends

There are good times and bad times to shop for mattresses. If you try to go to the department store immediately after leaving work, you are probably going to be blindsided by high prices. Furthermore, because you are already tired after working a long day, you may make a poor purchasing decision.

Mattresses actually have seasonal sales. Similar to other products, they go on sale throughout the year. The best time to purchase a mattress is to look for them during the holiday weekend. A few examples include Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, and Labor Day. Mattresses tend to be discounted significantly during these holidays.

A lot of mattress companies will actually mark down their mattresses during the month of May. There are new models that come out during the summer. Therefore, a lot of department stores will try to clear out last year’s inventory by putting them on sale.

More Money Does Not Necessarily Mean a Better Mattress

If you are spending more money on your mattress, you are getting a higher quality product, right? That is not the case. The more expensive the mattresses, the more it has been marked out. It simply means a higher price tag. It doesn’t necessarily mean a better product.

This actually goes to the psychology of a shocker. You probably think that if you are paying more for a product, you are getting one of the best models. If you think this, you are more likely to believe it, even if it isn’t necessarily true. Expensive mattresses are often made with the same materials with the same amount of filling when compared to a cheaper mattress. Find the mattress that works best for you. This isn’t necessarily the one that is the most expensive. Brand name doesn’t mean nearly as much as you think.

You Can Negotiate The Price of Your Mattress

Many people do not realize that they can actually negotiate the price of their mattress. Just because you see a certain price on a sticker doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay the full amount. Shop for a mattress the way you shop for a car. Negotiate for the best price possible.

If you walk in ready to negotiate and haggle, you can save a significant amount of money. Remember that most mattresses have been marked up significantly. Even if they offer you a discount, the store can still make a lot of money.

Most importantly, you have to be prepared to walk away. If you are prepared to walk away, you will not get fooled into paying an expensive price. Be willing to invest more time down the road. You may be able to save even more money.

The More Choices You Have, the More Leverage You Have

There is a chance that you may have the perfect mattress waiting for you at a traditional brick-and-mortar store; however, do not think that you are limited solely to that traditional option. There are more choices out there than you think.

There are countless mattress options available. There are comfortable, affordable, and sustainable choices if you are willing to look outside your local store. For example, you may want to choose an organic mattress. These mattresses have been made out of wool kind of latex, and other plant-based material. This may be healthier for you.

You can even shop for a mattress online. Even Amazon will allow you to pick your mattress. Even though you won’t necessarily be able to test your mattress before you purchase it, you may be able to find that brand at a brick-and-mortar store. If you find it cheaper online, you might be able to use this as a negotiating point, saving yourself a lot of money.