Beware of Synthetic Scents!

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Beware of Synthetic Scents!

Artificial and fake scents and fragrances have become a rising health concern.  Avoid them as much as possible.  About 95 percent of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances is derived from petroleum (National Academy of Sciences).  That means many toxic and carcinogenic ingredients such as aldehydes are included in these scents.  Unfortunately, toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions, central nervous system disorders, and many more disturbing health problems.

Fragrances are not the only items that have toxic ingredients. Toxic ingredients can be found in personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and perfumes.  Please consider switching out your cleaning products, cosmetics, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants, air fresheners, and soaps, with natural and organic products.

Many ingredients in these products disrupt the endocrine system.  They will wreak havoc on your hormones.  A lot of symptoms can be linked to toxins and chemicals in our bodies.  But most times, the toxin/ill health/weird symptoms connection may not be realized.  Then later on in life when disease shows up it might be too late to address and rid yourself of these built up toxins.

While everyone loves a great smelling scent, be aware of the consequences of using products with synthetic and toxic chemicals. Once these ingredients enter the body they can make you sick. 

Currently there is no requirement to force companies to disclose what they are using to create and make scents and fragrances.  If there is truly nothing to hide and all ingredients are truly natural and safe, why not list all the ingredients?  Using synthetic scents is cheaper for companies, but in the long run, the consumer is the one who pays the price.  Spend the extra money on natural and organic products for peace of mind and good health. 

Many products with fragrance contain unwanted ingredients that can lead to child autism and other birth defects, allergic and toxic bodily reactions, like asthma and other breathing difficulties.  There’s no doubt in my mind that synthetic scents hinder optimal breathing, especially if you have breathing issues to begin with. If you have asthma or any other breathing trouble, then truly fragrance-free products are the way to go.

Through careful reading and paying attention to product ingredients you can significantly cut down on the number of toxins you are exposed to.  Alternatively, it won’t lower your quality of life to get rid of fragrances.  In fact, it will increase your quality of life!  Options to still enjoy scents and fragrances without all the dangers involved include using essential oils, buying certified organic perfumes and fragrances, using flowers, and making your own natural products.  If you want to burn an occasional candle, use beeswax with a lead-free wick. However, be aware that even the candles with beeswax and a lead-free wick will still have some level of pollutants.

Keep yourself, family, friends, and your pets safe by incorporating these practices.



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