Is Minimalist Living Right For You?

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Is Minimalist Living Right For You?

Is Minimalist Living Right For Every day

Every day more and more people are turning to Minimalism.  Have you ever thought about if minimalist living is right for you? There are varying degrees of minimalism but basically becoming a minimalist means simplifying and streamlining your life. If less clutter, organization, and less waste are important to you, then you might be a minimalist in the making!   You don’t have to turn into a hippie and start living off the land to practice minimalism.  Personally, I feel a lot better and function better mentally when I eliminate or reduce clutter from my environment.  If you feel your life is too hectic, chaotic, or unfulfilling, minimalist ideals might help you create a life that’s more focused and enjoyable.

Signs that minimalism might be for you:

  1. You have items you don’t need or use anymore. Excessive items and clutter can have a negative impact on your life. It weighs you down emotionally and wastes your time.
  •  Instead of keeping those unneeded or unused items, give them away, sell them for extra money, or trash them. 


  1. You have excessive debt. When you think about it, the only necessary material goods we really need are food, shelter, and clothes. There’s no need to deprive yourself if you really want that something.  However, if you’re overextended financially, you’re likely buying things you can do without. Purchasing too much is a common theme for those in debt.
  • Before you make a purchase (especially if it’s a big-ticket item or expensive), give yourself 24 hours to really think about it. You may be surprised at how you feel about purchase the next day.  Examine if the purchase is a want or a need.  Is it an impulse buy?  Have you truly thought it through?


  1. You’re trying to keep up with the Joneses. 
  • Sometimes it’s better to just be grateful for what you do have then focusing on what you don’t. You may not have a mansion but you have a safe, clean place to live.  Stop pouting that your car isn’t nicer if it is reliable and gets you where you need to go.  If you have a car that breaks down all the time, of course, you’d like a more reliable car. But if you already own a decent, reliable car, it’s different. Obsessing about that Porsche you want is waste of brain space. Is the car really going to make you any happier?  Certainly, you can find more meaningful things to occupy your thoughts.
  • You’re busy, but your life lacks meaning. I think we all can relate to this one.  You are busy nonstop for days on end, have plenty to do, and then you finally get a few moments to yourself.  You reflect on how busy you’ve been for weeks, but yet you feel unproductive and unfulfilled still. We’ve all had days filled with activity, which ended with feelings of emptiness. Minimalism can help remove the excess from your life to make room for more meaningful activities.

Luckily, there are some strategies that can help you embrace a life of minimalism and give you your life back.


Introducing minimalism into your life:

  1. Remove clutter off the floor and out of sight. Not only will your home and office look cleaner, but you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel! Put it on a shelf, in the closet, or get rid of it altogether. Everything should have a place to go, even if that place is in the trash!
  2. Countertops, shelves, and tables. Go through your cupboards, drawers, and shelves, and think back to if you’ve used items in those place in the last six months. If you do need them, find a place for them to go but don’t start the habit of throwing things that have no place in drawers and shelves again. Creating a space is perfectly fine if the item is needed.  The point is to only have items you truly need and use.
  1. Go through your clothes. Most people wear the same clothes over and over again. A small percentage of their clothes is worn a big percentage of the time.  While the rest of the clothes is just taking up space.  If you haven’t worn an item in a year let it go!  There’s always someone who can and will use it.  Let clothes go that you’re “saving” for when you lose weight.  If losing weight really happens then you can treat yourself to new clothes.  You’re doing it backward if you’re keeping clothes in hopes of losing weight.  I don’t know about you but I’ve had clothes in my closet for years for this very reason.  Waste of Time.  Waste of Space.
  1. Make a list of all the optional activities in your life. Include all the organizations, clubs, team sports, happy hours, and so on. Eliminate one. In a couple of weeks, eliminate another. Now fill some of that free time with activities you really love. You can free up a lot of time by learning how to say “no.”
  2. Repeat this process on a regular basis. Just a couple of cycles of minimalizing will dramatically reduce the complexity of your life.

I know someone who sold their nice, big house, their luxury car, and almost everything they owned.  They moved into a 1 bedroom apartment and are the happiest they’ve ever been.  The change allows them to focus better, save even more money, and be more creative. With less clutter, they’ve been able to spend more time working on their home business and really have a clear vision.  Now they are making more money than they ever have before.

Tip:  Minimalism can apply to people as well!  Try eliminating toxic people, negative people, people you’ve grown apart from, or people you have nothing in common with from your life.

You don’t have to live under a rock in the woods to use minimalism to your advantage. It’s simply a matter of removing excess and meaningless things from your life. Use some of the extra time and space to introduce new, amazing things into your life. You’ll be glad you did!


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