Vaginal Steaming: Is it for You?

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vaginal steaming

Vaginal Steaming: Is it for You?

Vaginal Steaming: Is it for You?

Have you all heard of vaginal steaming?  No?  Me neither until a couple of years ago.   V-steaming, vaginal steaming, yoni steaming, or whatever you prefer to call it, has been around for ages.

Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate periods, dissolve fibroids, ease periods, and more.  Many of you may be thinking “yeah, but does it work”?  V-steaming has grown in popularity not only because of the increased conversations about it, but also because of the many great testimonies from women.

Herb-infused steam is directed into your vagina, while you sit or squat on the container where the steam is coming from.

In my quest for more knowledge regarding vaginal steaming, I ran across a lovely lady named Keli Garza who is the owner of Steamy Chicks.  Steamy Chicks offers vaginal steam supplies, herbs, consultations, certifications, and a wealth of information regarding vaginal steaming.  Keli also has a fantastic Facebook group you can join.

After hearing about how so many women are being helped by vaginal steaming, I decided to do some research myself and see what all the hoopla is about.  I also reached out to Keli to see if she’d be willing to give me an interview and of course she said yes!  Here’s what I learned in my Q&A with Keli:

Me: Tell us a little about yourself.

Keli: I own Steamy Chick the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States. I noticed that my customers were having incredible results after implementing vaginal steaming so I founded a branch of my company, the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, to further research vaginal steam as an alternative medicine for women’s health needs. I also train practitioners to be able to create treatment protocols and tailor herbs based on client needs.


 Me: What exactly is vaginal steaming?

Keli: Vaginal steaming is sitting over a pot of steaming or smoking herbs and directing it up the vaginal canal.


Me: Can you tell us the benefits of steaming?

Keli: It’s like a reboot for the female reproductive system. It increases circulation, cleans the vagina, cervix and uterus, and improves vaginal discharge. The Steamy Chick customer results have been phenomenal– elimination of menstrual cramps, fibroids expelling, bacterial vaginosis clearing up, HPV going away, conceptions after infertility diagnosis, endometriosis and PCOS symptoms relief. It also helps with dryness, increases libido, helps heal from sexual trauma, and contributes to good sleep. It appears to be a one-stop treatment for women’s issues.


Me: That’s pretty impressive! Give us an idea of what vaginal steaming looks like.  Most people who’ve never tried it may have a hard time visualizing it. 

Keli: There are many different ways to do it. One way would involve simply drilling a hole in a chair so there is an opening. Underneath the chair add an electric burner and a pot full of water with mint in it. Heat up the mint and water until there is a nice warm steam rising. Remove the bottoms and sit over it. It feels warm and relaxing.


Me:  How did you get into the vaginal steaming business and how long have you been in it?

Keli: I used steaming to bring back a missing period. It felt so good and my period seemed so much healthier that I never stopped. I used it after giving birth and some of my friends started to become interested in trying it as well. I started to make vaginal steam saunas and as it gained in popularity (particularly by Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop article in January 2015 where she endorsed it), my company took off.


Me:  Tell us about your services.  Besides selling herbs for vaginal steaming, and furniture to make steaming easier, don’t you also do consultations and have courses? 

Keli: Steamy Chick developed a branch of the company called the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute in order to further research vaginal steaming and to train practitioners. The two most popular certifications offered is the basic level Vaginal Steam Facilitator which is good for anyone who wants to facilitate steam sessions for friends or clients — it teaches the basics of how to create the right setup, steam duration and herb selection, and to make sure that the person doesn’t have any contraindications. The course is only a couple of hours and can be completed within a couple days. At the next level is the peristeam hydrotherapist certification which is a full year-long training program that teaches practitioners how to use steam therapy to treat specific problems such as infertility, infections,, and fibroids. To find a trained practitioner go here.


 Me:   What should a “normal” period look like?

Keli: After a couple years of working with customers I was fascinated to find that many of their periods started to look the same. I started to call this a standard healthy cycle or “perfect period” for short. It has the following characteristics:

4 Day Long Period

28-30 Day Long Menstrual Cycle

Fresh Red Healthy Menses

Medium Flow

No Negative Side Effects (i.e. clots, cramps, PMS, headaches, etc)


Me:  What’s your best advice when it comes to steaming?

Keli: Make it your own and part of your life. We don’t have to look to someone else to keep healthy.


Me:  “We don’t have to look to someone else to keep healthy”.  Yes!  I agree with this statement so much.  It’s one of the reasons I started this website. I love when others choose to teach others how to naturally take care of themselves and stay healthy like you have done.   A lot of women have fibroids and are looking for less invasive ways to shrink them or alleviate symptoms.  Can steaming help with this?

Keli: Yes. There have been several cases where fibroids naturally come out after steaming. They have come out in the shower or on the toilet and customers describe them as being white fleshy clumps. There have been a couple cases where, after one month of steaming, clients did an ultrasound to discover that their fibroids had shrunk to half their size. These are the cases where it worked quickly. In other cases it takes longer. Fibroids, because they can be on the outside of the uterus or in the uterus lining, take a commitment to treat. I recommend regular steaming for 3-6 months. Although to some that may seem like a long time it’s shorter than the full recuperation time that a surgery takes and without the risk of complications.


Me:  Excellent point! Where can people find you?



Me:  Is there a time when one should not steam?

Keli: Pregnancy

Active Menstruation

Fresh Spotting

If After Ovulation While Trying to Conceive

If Prone to Spontaneous Bleeding or Two Periods Per Month


Many thanks to Keli for taking the time out to interview with me and relay all this good and helpful information!  If you’re looking to become a Steamy Chick, address any women’s health issues, just stay healthy, or even if you’re just curious, check out Keli’s website.


I’d also love to hear your thoughts and please share your stories if you’ve had any experience with vaginal steaming or have actually tried it!




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