20 Fun Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

      20 Fun Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone refers to a place where we feel, um….comfortable. It is a psychological state where we feel at ease and in control of our environment (really, our life), we experience low levels of anxiety and stress. While in this zone, a steady level of performance is possible. It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

Living within your comfort zone can be fine. There is no harm done; however, remaining in this zone ensures that we don’t move forward; we don’t progress. For some people, this is fine. They are happy where they are and there is no need to move. For others, this quashes their hopes and dreams because they don’t learn skills and are unable to attain everything they want.

There are signs that we may need to move forward and get out of the zone. Here are a few examples: Are you stuck in a rut? Feel like you aren’t moving forward? Not to worry, you can fix this! Read more to learn 20 fun ways to get out of your comfort zone.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

  1. Learn to tango or take a burlesque class. It will push you mentally and physically.
  2. Challenge yourself to learn a new language.
  3. Push yourself physically. Take a kickboxing class. Train for a marathon. Learn to rock climb.
  4. Join a competition, be it dance, math, sports, or something else.
  5. Try public speaking. Volunteer to do a presentation, do a poetry reading, or find another form of public speaking event in your area.
  6. Face one of your fears. Whatever it is, jump in feet first and conquer it.
  7. Join an art class that teaches something you’ve never tried before.
  8. Take part in a theater production.
  9. Enjoy nature. Take a hike. Learn to ski. Visit the beach. Photograph nature.
  10. Cook something unusual or try new foods. You never know, it may become a new favorite!
  11. Do something embarrassing. Wear outrageous clothes to work one day. Try stand-up comedy. Sing your heart out during karaoke night.
  12. If you normally only go out with a group. Pick a night to go out by yourself. If you prefer new age dance clubs, visit a country music one instead.
  13. Take a class on improv class to learn how to quickly adapt and respond to life’s surprises.
  14. If you’re an early bird. Switch your schedule around so you can enjoy things found during late-night hours. If you’re a night owl, tuck in early and rise with the sun. Mix up the routine more by eating breakfast at night, showering mid-day, etc.
  15. Attend a conference and network with those who inspire and motivate you.
  16. Let a friend make plans for a night or a weekend outing. Give them complete control and ask them not to tell you in advance what you are doing.
  17. Whether or not you think it’s good, put something you made up for sale.
  18. Attend a burner party. The bigger ones are Burning Man, Midburn, Alchemy and AfrikaBurn but there are lots of other burner parties you can attend too.
  19. Hire a professional photographer to do a photoshoot with you.
  20. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but was too scared to do it. Learn to skydive, go skinny dipping, or visit a nude beach, cut or color your hair in that wild style you’ve always loved, spend the night in a known haunted location.

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