50 Mental Health Journal Prompts; Write Your Way to Wellness

Mental Health

Mental Health Journal Prompts

The field of holistic health and wellness is all about the balance among the body, mind, and spirit. Practitioners believe that if one piece of the triad is off-balance, the other two are directly affected. Unfortunately, so many people only focus on only one or two pieces instead of all three. The one that seems to be lacking attention is often the mind.

A person who is experiencing problems such as anxiety or depression may find some relief through communication. Talking to a trusted family member, friend, priest (or rabbi, preacher, etc.), or mental health professional may help. What may also help is simply writing down the thoughts and feelings in a journal. The goal is to get the thoughts and feelings out, in whatever manner is most comfortable (and affordable) for that individual.

Below are 50 journal prompts to help you start writing and move along your path to wellness.

1. How is your mental health right now?

2. How has your mental health changed since the beginning of the year?

3. What are you doing to improve this?

4. What is the severity on a scale of 1 to 10?

5. Do you believe childhood trauma has an impact on how you are feeling?

6. What mental illnesses do you struggle with?

7. How old were you when you knew you had these issues?

8. How has your mental health changed over the years?

9. What types of medical treatments have you tried for these problems?

10. Have you been to therapy or counseling?

11. What natural remedies do you use to cope?

12. Have lifestyle changes made an impact on your mental state?

13. What are some daily habits or routines that help you mentally?

14. Describe your mental health morning routine.

15. Describe your mental health nighttime routine.

16. What are some things people get wrong about mental health?

17. What do you wish you could explain to people about mental health?

18. What misconceptions about mental health did you learn about?

19. What has been your experience with stress?

20. How has stress impacted your life?

21. What are some of your stress-relieving methods?

22. What is your experience with anxiety?

23. Have you been officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder?

24. What do you do on a daily basis to help with your anxiety?

25. What anxiety triggers do you have?

26. Have you given anything up to help with your anxiety?

27. Do you have people you can talk to about your anxiety?

28. Do you suffer from depression?

29. Has your depression been officially diagnosed?

30. What severity is your depression?

31. What are some of your depression triggers?

32. Does journaling your feelings help with your mental health?

33. Have you found a specific form of journaling that helps the most?

34. How do you feel about stream of consciousness journaling?

35. Start a gratitude journal and write 5-10 things you are grateful for.

36. Do you find journaling your daily feelings and thoughts is helpful?

37. Does writing about a specific topic in your journal help you?

38. Write something creative in your journal today, such as a poem or short story.

39. How are you feeling today?

40. What is something that made you feel happy recently?

41. What is something that made you feel sad recently?

42. What is something new you tried recently?

43. Focus on gratitude today. What are you most grateful for?

44. How is your mental health different when you spend more time alone?

45. How often do you reach out to other people?

46. How do you feel about other people reaching out to you?

47. What kind of self-care practices are part of your routine?

48. Do you practice self-love?

49. How do you feel about self-help for your mental health?

50. What can you do TODAY to improve your mental health?

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