Ways to Break a Sugar Addiction

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Ways to Break a Sugar Addiction

Breaking a sugar addiction can be quite challenging! We turn to sweets for comfort, to feel better, when we’re sad, happy, bored, lonely, and when we want to celebrate. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are eating sweets. It could be out of habit.  You might not even realize just how much sugar you’re eating.  Sugar is hidden in all sorts of food items that we never think about like condiments.  Yep, watch how much ketchup and spaghetti sauce you use!  Most people only think of sugar when eating desserts or drinking soda.

However, this post is not about yummy desert recipes. It’s about taking back control, and busting those sugar addictions (or at least curbing it significantly).

Here’s some tips to help you get through the day without reaching for sweets.

One thing that you should be doing is eating regularly throughout the day. When you skip meals, your blood sugar levels drop and as a result, your body craves sugar and refined carbohydrates. Eating within an hour of waking up and every two to three hours thereafter will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and your cravings at bay. Choose protein and fiber-rich foods.

Speaking of refined carbohydrates….avoid them! Unless of course you want to see your sugar levels go crazy. When sugar levels rise, then fall, you might find yourself hungry and craving sugar. A few examples of refined carbohydrates are pasta and white bread. Instead try eating healthy snacks every few hours such as fruit, celery, and carrot sticks.  To satisfy your sweet tooth try eating some dates.  Also, the natural sweetness of the fruit will help curb the sugar cravings while stabilizing your blood sugar.  Keep healthy and fulfilling snacks on hand such as avocado, nuts and seeds, yoghurt, and nut butter.  You can also use spices to keep your sweet tooth under control.  Cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom are all good spices to use to help with sugar cravings. Honey is a good replacement to sugar as well.  Sprinkle some on a rice cake for a yummy treat. Honey has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  All the more reason to substitute honey for sugar.

Make sure you are taking your supplements to combat sugar cravings. Certain nutrients, such as magnesium, help to calm you down and regulate mood and reduce inflammation. B vitamins, zinc and vitamin C, are also good supplements to take to help with overall wellness and balance. Be sure to your doctor before taking any supplements.

Before each meal drink some lemon water. This will help to regulate your insulin.  Half a lemon squeezed in water is sufficient.  In fact, ensure you are drinking half your body weight in water every day.  Sometimes dehydration can make you think you want sugar.  Dehydration can also make you hungry and tired.  When we are hungry and on the go or can’t get to a healthy meal at the moment you’ll be tempted to grab something sweet.

Try going for a walk for 15 minutes. After that, see if you’re still wanting something sweet? Exercise can give you that feel good high just like sugar does. Walking will also take your mind off of food.

Try these simple but effective tools to curb your cravings and let me know the results. You might be surprised!

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Ways to Break your Sugar Addiction
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Ways to Break your Sugar Addiction
A list of simple but effective tips to break a sugar addiction
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